About Company

AMS is a provider of media and television services, and specializes in providing various of media services to NEWS channels, international news agencies and contracted production companies. The company relies on a good engineering structure and the speed in providing services with a high-quality level and professionalism within a business plan according to the market needs and the amount of demand.
The company provides services in many Libyan regions and cities in particular, and in Arab capitals in general, as it has a main customer base, a network of public relations and a wide and continuous marketing, and relies on the continuous development of broadcasting technologies and production tools in line with the rapid development in this field.
The company also has a professional team working with advanced engineering equipment, in addition to organized institutional work. The company provides a large number of services, including: interview services from a source outside the studio (DTL) by satellites, engineering services for the SNG satellite broadcast unit, graphic design, rental of studios and photography areas and locations, social media services as well as consulting and training.

Our Projects

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