The Dragonov series, written by Seraj Hweedy, producer Walid Ellafii and director Osama Rezg, is a Libyan drama series produced in 2014, that narrates the events in Libya before 2011, during the revolution and afterward, and its impact on the strata of Libyan society, the series was considered the largest production in the history of the Libyan drama at that time, where cinematic technologies were used in its production with a special technical team from Tunisia, in which also actors from Tunisia and Libya participated.
“Dragonov” achieved the highest viewing rate for a drama series in the history of Libyan television at that time, as it was shown on channels in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Lebanon and won a huge number of awards locally and regionally, including: the best text award, the best project award, the best director award, the best “first actor” award, the best “first actress” award and the best new style award, and the work was also received with great welcome by critics and the international and Arab press.